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to know.

Where did Curt study food?

Curt studied under Chef Paulo in a small Italian village north of Torino, Italy.  He also worked at several highly rated food establishments in the New York City area.


What makes Curt such a good tour guide?

Food tours marry all of Curt’s talents – his knowledge of food, his love of storytelling, and his comedic timing.  He’s also really good at walking backwards.


OK, I’m convinced! How can I book a food tour of NYC with Curt?

Great question – just go to the Foods of New York website by clicking here.


I don’t live in New York, but I want to get a piece of the Curt Upton experience – how can I make this happen?

Great news!  Curt has a fabulous new cooking show on YouTube!  Click here to watch Curt teach you all about food, from his home to yours!


This guy is hilarious, where can I see his stand-up comedy?

Between food tours, Curt performs stand-up comedy all over New York City.  Keep an eye on his schedule for upcoming dates.